TDR Technical Services
Consultant-Designer: Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection

Demands to provide a secure environment are more than ever upon us. And, these demands have prompted the development of security products that can, at times, be mind-boggling and, unfortunately, are more about "WOW" than personal and property protection.

Whether new, or replacing/expanding an existing system, or upgrading - TDR can assist you in developing an RFP (request for proposal) that will give you the comfort of understanding what you can do, what you're getting and, receiving apples-to-apples bids fom which to make your decision.

Consulting, design and support are provided on the following systems: 

  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Asset management
  • Child and infant care accountability/tracking systems
  • Intrusion detection, interior and perimeter
  • Critical security networks and infrastructures that support your security system
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