TDR Technical Services
Consultant-Designer: Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
Infrastructure Development & Design

A well designed ICT infrastructure is essential for enabling growth, expansion, upgrades, and maintaining productivity. Developing infrastructure often requires large initial investment, but the economies of scale are significant.

The ability and cost to add/change cabling, a computer, a video surveillance camera or security, add access control, incorporate/expand building automation control, integrate audio/visual systems and distribution, mass notification or audio support are directly related to the integrity and design of the buildings ICT infrastructure.

There is a myth: Installations/designs are out-dated before they're occupied, or even built. This is one that has haunted the decision making processes for years. TDR will assist you identifying, addressing and making those decisions that will compliment and support the life of your facility; you will learn and understand what really makes your building "smart".

The following are some tasks provided:


  • Define service-entrance and ICT room sizes, locations, and configurations based on your building program, your operations, and your service-provider.
  • Coordination with your local service-providers and any global/enterprise system requirements.
  • Develop custom racks/enclosures to meet your requirements and expectations.
  • Develop plans and specifications of infrastructure material, layouts and installation requirements through out the project; coordinate with or work within your architects and engineers to insure properly coordinated plans and specifications.
  • Present product cut-sheets of all items specified/recommended; arrange/coordinate for samples and/or product cook-offs.
  • Provide support through the bidding process answering bidder questions, resolving any conflicts and/or attending pre-bid meetings/conferences; Assist in review of bidder qualifications and bid submittals for compliance with construction documents and bidding requirements.
  • Provide support through the construction period attending construction meetings, performing site visits and documentation of same, assisting contractors with  installation and programming.
  • Provide final walk-thru punch list administration.
  • Perform systems commissioning.
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