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Consultant-Designer: Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

ICT (Information & Communications Technology) All forms of information that are conveyed within a building: voice (telephone, intercom, etc.), data, video, environmental controls (building automation), security, audio, etc.

ICT systems are to smart buildings what electrical systems are to lighting and power and mechanical systems are to environmental conditioning, plumbing, and fire protection.

However, a smart building is much more than the equipment or systems installed. The infrastructure that supports your equipment and systems will determine and impact the intelligence level of your building. Unlike mechanical and electrical systems, ICT systems are living systems that must be able to update, grow, adapt and change with the use, growth and development of a building/campus and its' occupants with controlled impact on its operations. In addition, the ability to easily document and chart this growth is equally valuable and important to sustaining and maintaining a "smart" building.

There are many existing facilities built with little direction or thought to their ICT infrastructure. If  you're considering or planning to upgrade your cable plant or moving your data center or server room, not having the right team will drive your cost unnecessarily beyond all expectations. Site survey, interviews, preparation, planning, and documentation - these are all keywords in achieving the right infrastructure and design for you and your facility/operations.

TDR maintains continuing education and training with many professional associations and manufacturers to insure you have access to available features, options, and equipment on which to base your decisions and budget.

TDR does not sell or install product. A non-biased approach to developing the best solution for you is maintained without the influences of SPIF's, manufacturers rebate products, or regional/local sales quotas.

TDR is the beginning of your ICT infrastructure solution.

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