TDR Technical Services
Consultant-Designer: Information & Communications Technology (ICT)


Buildings are alive with electronic technology in every corner. From the entry door locks of a building to the simple light switch turning on lighting and systems as you walk through your building. In your office, at the vending machines and kitchenette, in the conference rooms and yes, even at the flush: Technology has introduced unlimited possibilities.
"Smart" isn't adding electronics into your building. It's building an electronic model that compliments your environment, improves your operations and offerings, maximizes your efficiencies and, most of all, gives you the freedom to grow, change and enhance. Smart balances budgets with efficiencies - makes sure the return-on-investment (ROI) is foundational - not superficially attractive. As William Shakespeare reflected: "...all that glisters is not gold..."

Get information, use communications and embrace technology: Establsih a good electronic model and foundation to build upon. Then...put it to work, embrace new technology - develop and capatalize on change.

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