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"Emergency Systems Procedures" - Documented, organized and tested procedures based on your complete system to promote event documentation (testing, transfers, maintenance, etc.) and to give step-by-step procedures for first-responders, maintenance personnel, and contracted service companies.

Most data center/server room emergency back-up systems are comprised of individual systems and/or equipment such as a uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) consisting of one or more inverters and batteries, one or more generators, one or more transfer switches, and most likely a number of power distribution units (PDU's) each with their own "Owners Manual" and trouble-shooting steps that most likely don't mesh into the rest of your support systems or your operations.

At most facilities - regardless of the level of engineering - when a response is required to shut-down a unit, transfer the critical load safely to a protected power source or, remove a part of the system for programmed or un-programmed maintenance - you're normally faced with that stressful question "Where do I begin?" and that even worse fear of the unknown like - What happens if I switch this or that; when do I switch it; or does it really matter?

Solution:  Having a site-specific "ESP" on-hand will provide your facility with procedures that not only document the necessary steps required to safely perform system and distribution maintenance and service but also give you documentation of each and every ESP event. 

ESP's facilitate:

  • Shut-down and start-up of your system(s) or any one or more of the individual elements
  • Transfer of loads to battery/UPS, generator, to utility, etc. and back to NORMAL
  • An orderly step-by-step procedure that will document any trouble or failure to assist your contracted service company in trouble-shooting
  • Accurate execution of critical operational steps that would otherwise render your facility crippled or result in costly repairs
  • Eliminate the "heat-of-the-moment" mistakes and costly knee-jerk responses that are totally memory and personnel dependent.
  • Universal, tested and accepted procedures that can be followed by any member/occupant of your facility.
  • EPS documents are coordinated and reviewed with the engineering support of your equipment manufacturer.
In addition, we highly recommend coordinating the EPS with each of your service/PM contractors and your support staff.
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